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W2I Raman System
ㆍ제조사 W2 Innovations
Standard/Dual/Multiplex/GasPhase Raman System

W2I Raman System

Standard/Dual/Multiplex/GasPhase Raman System

  · 532 Raman System

  · 785 Raman System

  · 830 Raman System

System Benefits:

  · High throughput, high sensitivity
  · Robust design, no moving parts

  · Efficient operation with 2lasers in one unit (Dual system)
  · Efficient operation with multiple monitoring spots in one unit (Multiplex system, GasPhase system)

  · Built-in signal enhancing gas flow cell for easy integration (GasPhase system)
  · Flexible sampling options
  · High value to own

SpectraSoft Background Removal Benefits:

  · Automatic, complete, robust

  · Retain small peaks

  · Semi-automatic with user-adjustable parameter available

  · Confidence in obtaining backgournd-free spectra