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The Dimension Raman system
ㆍ제조사 Lambda Solutuions
Dimension P1/P2

The Dimension Raman Systems

Ultra High Performance Dispersive Raman Spectrometer


  •   · Unique fiber bundle yields exceptional signal throughput.
  •   · Use of Vector Raman Probe and sample cells for wider applications.
  •   · Computer control of laser power.
  •   · Auto-calibration with calibration kit.
  •   · Innovative and proprietary automatic background removal algorithms.
  •   · Wavenumber range selection for database analysis.

    •   · Proprietary fiber coupling for enhanced stability.
    •   · Hardware-software integration with customers in mind.
    •   · Resolution, sensitivity powered by user-friendly interfaces.
    •   · Data processing that speeds analysis and reporting.
    •   · Integrated data acquisition and database searching.
    •   · Application-driven solutions.


  · Software control of laser power, CCD gain and digitization rate

  · Auto system calibration with calibration kit (Optional)

  · Auto system test with sealed cyclohexane standard

  · Automatic & manual background removal, signal averaging normailization, spectrum overlay

  · Peak ID, peak area, SpectrumSearch™, SpectrumPredict™, Real Time Monitoring

  · User-definable automation sequences for seamless data processing / data analysis