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CoolSpeK UV / CD
Cryostat for Spectrophotometer CoolSpeK UV/ CD USP-203 Series

Cryostat for Spectrophotometer CoolSpeK UV/CD

For UV-Vis spectrophotometers CoolSpeK UV USP-203

For Circular Dichroism (CD) Spectrophotometers CoolSpeK CD USP-230CD

CoolSpeK allows you to obtain spectra and chemical kinetic rates under low-temperature condition easily.

CoolSpeK is attached to a sample compartmentof commercial UV-Vis or fluorescence spectrophotometers by using an adaptor.

Various kinds of options are prepared to meet customers requests.


  · Chemical Kinetics
  · User friendly
  · Low Dew Condensation
  · Temperature Range
  · Extensive Customer Base
  · Light Weight and Compact Footprint
  · Variety of Options