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누설율&분진포집효율 측정기(NaCl)
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Type1300S Sodium Flame Photometer for TIL/IL

Type1300S Sodium Flame Photometer for TIL/IL


  · To measure the concentration of a standard Na.Cl. aerosol both before and after it has passed through an air filtration device.


  · Better than 10ng/m³ giving a minimum detectable penetration of less than 0,0005%. 

  · With a challenge aerosol of 13mg/m³.

  · Response time 400ms.

  · Band by-pass filter better than 0.3nm

Maximum Concentration:

  · Continuous indication of mass concentrations up to 3mg/m³, but for short periods up to 20mg/m³ if calibrated to this level.

Sample Flow rate:

  · 2 l/min +/- 0.1l/min (Fixed with electric pump, adjustable with venturii suction.)

Inhalation Sensor:

  · Accuracy: +/- 0.5% Full scale (0.5mb FS) Max pressure / vacuum 140 KPa Operating temp 0 to 50°C