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4He LT UHV SPM with SC Magnet USM1500

4He LT UHV SPM with SC Magnet

USM1500 is a newly designed Low Temperature SPM with Super Conducting Magnet.

This system covers wide variety of applications of surface science researches in physics, chemistry, and biology.


  · Compact design, easy operation, reasonable price
  · Operation in variable temerature: down to 2.0K
  · Stable operation in high magnetic field up to 8T
  · AFM function is applied for non-conductive materials
  · Simultaneous measurement of STM/AFM, using conductive AFM probe
  · Introduction of optical fiber or high frequency coax cable to SPM haed

System Line Up:

  · USM1500S: Load lock, preparation, and STM insert chamber

  · USM1500SA: includes AFM funtion


  · Extra chamber available for organic material deposition

  · Spatter gun, K-cell depositiion source, E-beam heating power supply and other useful attachments