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분진포집효율 측정기(Paraffin Oil)
ㆍ제조사 INSPEC International
Paraffin oil filter penetration test equipment

Paraffin Oil Filter Tester

Paraffin oil filter penetration test equipment

The equipment essentially comprises a paraffin oil generator, light scattering photometer, flowmeters, sample holding device and connecting arrangements.

It is supplied ad generally described in EN149, filtering face pieces and similar standards.

The sample mask is secured in a fixture, which in turn is positioned in the filter holder located in the aerosol path.

The aerosol flow rate is normally 95 l/min, with a minimum flowrate of 30 l/min.

Please note that our equipment differs from that described in the reference method EN13274-7:2008, but correlation tests have been performed to demonstrate quivalent performance.